Quality means doing it right, when no one is looking

Henry Ford

We are a development enterprise focused on mobile solutions for consumers and businesses. Our capabilities include the entire range of activities required for a successful product/service deployment. We could step into the development cycle at any point necessary, e.g. design, implementation, testing, quality assurance etc.

We are quality centred. There are simply too many web services and mobile apps for a new project/undertaking to be complacent.

We use only native APIs.

Our specialities

Cocoa and Objective-C Development (iOS)

We have successfully completed projects in iOS, using the almost the entire universe of the Objective-C API (e.g. CoreData, Security, Networking etc.). We specialise on applications supported by back-end infrastructure, which we are capable to establish ourselves, if needed.

Web applications and platforms

Dynamic content and services are delivered mainly through centralised services. We are capable of designing, developing and deploying such services in accordance to established standards (e.g. ITIL v3); thereby, assuring the needed availability, security, capacity etc.

Systems architecture

We strongly adhere to the well established design practices and patterns. We find that this is the best way to ensure efficient code maintenance and reuse for our customers.

We are good at

iOS Development 95%
Web Back-end Development 80%
Systems design 75%
Unit testing 60%
Release support 50%

Let’s put those great ideas to work.

Get in touch and see what we can do for you.

Extensive prototyping

See what you will get and make informed decisions before making last call. Analyse different UX/UI scenarios with our wire-frameing and prototyping templates.


Agile or not

We can follow a more flexible development philosophy or the standard waterfall project structure. Both approaches have their benefits and drawbacks and we can commit to the one you prefer.

Easy and clear

A structured and transparent approach to planning and execution is what we believe in. Project RM and regular reporting/review are critical success factors for any undertaking.

User centred

Test driven and user feed-back driven development is at your disposal. For business solutions, we take over the necessary training and can be involved in the change management activities, should it be needed.

Business justified

If we find a project interesting and you are open to partnerships, we could self-fund part of the development against a fair equity consideration.

Sustaining your services

Once your product or service is deployed, we commit to regular bug and security fixes within the relevant life cycles of your product.