June, 2013 –
We are pleased to announce that Divesquare (www.divesquare.com)– the new social platform for the diving community– has commissioned us with the development of their iOS App. They will soon follow with an Android app, structured largely around this iOS solution.

DS-01 Divesquare is an eleven.bg funded company, determined to provide social and business services to the entire diving community (shops, centers, instructors etc). A wide variety of tools and features will be implemented as part this web and mobile platform. The gamification principles present in most modern services, will also be embraced to the extent most appropriate. In this setup, the mobile app is a key component. Location management and awareness are important to all diving activities and are naturally built within Divesquare.

The mobile app design explicitly takes into consideration any usage issues stemming from weak/unavailable internet connection. The fact that more than 90% of the web functionalities will be present in the mobile app further underlines the importance of the mobile component. We will continue to pursue our principles and strive to deliver innovative apps with every new project. Divesquare provide the perfect opportunity to realize this, so, we are truly grateful for their decision. If you want to stay informed about the developments of this or other projects, please follow us in Twitter or register for our news.