Drumy is a new type of music game for iPhone and iPad and a fun way to train your sense of rhythm. You will be challenged to perform 100+ rhythms on a Djembe drum with crisp clear drumming sounds. Highly responsive and accurate, with its own, dedicated game engine, Drumy will deliver a great musical experience.

After you’ve made some progress in the game, the rhythm tempo will be stepped up while you are playing. The rhythms/levels in Drumy are split in three different difficulty and thematic groups: Rhythm, Coordination, Mastery. You will start with two playing areas colored in red and yellow, and as you progress a third area in the middle will be added.
Music and music playing has been many times reported to have positive and lasting emotional and neurological effects (see here and here) . Drumy is a great way to get you started or to foster your existing skills. The interface is easy to understand, so you can start right away.

The receiption of Drumy was excellent. It was featured by Apple in 1000+ iTunes categories around the world, including #1 features in Games/Music in USA, China, Japan, Korea, Germany, UK and another 100+ countries.